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Frequently Asked Questions about the Weldon Revitalization

FAQ 1: What parts of Weldon can I use?

Parts of all floors in Weldon have reopened as of fall 2021. However, with ongoing construction, Weldon can be a noisy place! Ear plugs are available for anyone when entering the library (just ask our staff at the entrance), and the fifth floor is likely the quietest place in Weldon right now.

You can also visit any of the other Western Libraries locations for study space, to pick up materials requested for hold, or to access printers. 

FAQ 2: How long will construction take?

Timelines for construction are complicated due to various restrictions associated with the pandemic, including supply chain issues that have affected getting necessary construction materials and furniture in place. You can follow renovation progress under our Updates.

FAQ 3: How does the Weldon Revitalization affect collections?

The Weldon Revitalization introduces a new Learning Commons on the main floor and mezzanine, and will include a variety of learning spaces for students, enhanced access to consultation services for research, writing and learning skills support, a community room for small events, a Family Room for student parents studying in the company of their children, a Reading Lounge for new books and current newspapers, and new display spaces for sharing our collections and research.

To create space for the Learning Commons, library staff are relocating from the mezzanine to the fifth floor. As a result, we have relocated some of the collection. For more information about how the Weldon collection has been managed in relation to the renovations, visit our main Western Libraries website.

FAQ 4: Can I still access the stacks in Weldon?

The stacks in Weldon – all the bookshelves – are open for Western student, faculty and staff use. Currently, stacks are located on the second, third and fourth floors of the library.

You also have access to vast digital collections through Omni, the library search tool, and various online databases.

Have additional questions about the Weldon Revitalization? Please email Jennifer Robinson.

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